Shorter Vacancy Cycles

We improve and prepare the property for rent, determine the best rent rate, and effectively market your property.


Higher Quality Tenants

Tenant screening is the quality control of your business, think of us as the doorman behind the velvet rope, letting in only the most suitable tenants into your property.


Fewer Costs and Legal Problems

Avoiding a single lawsuit can more than pay for property management fees, and spare you time and agony.

Why Clients Choose Us

We save you time, money and aggravation so you can focus on what you need to.

More Money, More Freedom, More Time

We have the experience and dedication to ensure superior property management and we take care of everything, so you don’t have to.

Increase the value of your investment

Consistently evaluating your property for preventative maintenance, upgrades and modifications keeps your property healthy and prosperous.

Lower maintenance and repair costs

Using in-house maintenance staff and our network of licensed, bonded and insured contractors can translate into big savings.

Better tenant retention

By using our time-tested tenant retention policy we ensure happy tenants with lengthy stays in your properties.

Assistance with taxes

We help you understand which deductions you can claim, organize the necessary forms and documentation to make those claims.

Tighter rent collection process

As Property Managers it’s our job to enforce all aspects of the lease agreement, putting a buffer between you and the tenant.

Robert Hutchinson

“I’m Robert Hutchinson CEO of Robyko Property Management. On behalf of the management team here at Robyko I want to say thank you for considering us to help you manage your property. Our values focus on honesty, integrity and respect. Our team is committed to making property management better for you. At Robyko we realize that its not just about renting apartments, it’s about managing and improving the health of your property.”

Robert Hutchinson / CEO / Robyko Property Management

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